Mersea Duck Punt

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The West Mersea Duck Punt, designed by John Milgate in 2001

The Duckpunt - the boat you can build in a weekend.

Julian of Lincoln built one in 18 hours.  Any eejit who can assemble an Ikea bed can build a Duck Punt.

The design goes back 200 years when East Coast hunters built them out of old floor-boards - that was when men were men.

Modern designs use WPB ply, cheap plane finished 1 x 2 pine, Cascamite and Screwfix screws. 

Total material cost excluding rig is £100. 

Bill of Iowa built two - one for him and one for his girlfriend. His girlfriend is now his wife and she is pregnant with twins.  No PD racer can deliver like the Duck Punt.

Ron of Billericay weighed  20 stone when he built his duck punt. The ab workout means that he now has a six pack - and weighs 19 stone 11. "I love my Duck put so much that I call it six pack.

Dylan of Botolph Claydon car tops his punt all over the country on top of his Polo.













Length: 16'

Beam: ~3'

Draft: ~2" (unladen)

Rig Type - Lug (Optimist)







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