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The Sealed Knot Living History Group

Welcome to our home page. We extend a warm greeting to members, friends, potential sponsors and all visitors.
The Living History Group (LHG) mostly re-enacts life during the time of the English Civil War (1642 - 1651) in association with the Sealed Knot. But are able to cover earlier periods from the 1620's onwards
We have members who can demonstrate a range of skills, trades and crafts, explain life during the period, lead talks with schools and other groups.

The LHG is a group within the Sealed Knot; the largest re-enactment group in Europe.
Whilst the main purpose is to re-enact large scale battles from the English Civil War, the Sealed Knot also has groups within it which specialise in portraying other aspects of this period of turmoil in the 17th century.

The LHG is one of these and as such has a dedicated membership who portray a camp of the period.
The group is run by the mayor and his wife, it comprises mainly of civilians, who provide a range of services to both the
civilians and the army
Not everyone who portrays living history needs to be a member of the LHG, it should be noted that the majority of living history members are those from other regiments who find living history more fun than camping in plastic tents

These skills currently include those of leather workers, bodger, cooks, clergy, physician, musicians such as Kate and Ralph & Margaret, quartermaster and cartographer

The group provides all of its own authentic tents with which it constructs a self contained village of artisans.
The only additional items required are a fresh drinking water supply, toilet facilities, a supply of dry firewood and an area of flat grassland large enough for the encampment.

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Cooking during the display is carried out o
ver open log fires which are in raised fire trays to reduce damage to the underlying ground

Cynthia Parr is the Keeper of the Records, she can be contacted on 01709 701088 or emailed at the address below

cynthia DOT parr AT talktalk DOT net